Letters To Our Sons | August 2013

Dear Dilly, 

Summer is over and it's back to school time - bummer! We did not get to do too much between me having to work and dad having to take those classes for his job but I enjoyed every second of spending time with you. Cedar Point, going to the movies and just hanging out - I love being with you! 

You were so worried about your first day of junior high - you were nervous about being able to open your locker, of knowing where you were supposed to go - and you ended up doing so awesome! Well except for the second day on the bus when you thought it was a good idea to hold a pen so the other boy could karate chop it and it exploded all over the back of the bus. That was not one of your best ideas. But what's done is done and if anything I hope that you have learned that karate chopping pens leads to chaos.


I know that you are going to do so wonderful these next few years. I understand and hope that you do too that there will be some ups and downs along the way but always be reassured that dad and I are always here for you no matter what, that you can always come to us with anything. There may be a little bit of a freak out initially (you've seen dad and I do this with Devin) but in the end it always works out and we get through. 


I love you more than you can know. I look forward to watching you go through these next three years, of watching you grow more confident and more assured of who you are. I already know that whatever you set your mind to you will succeed, you have showed me this numerous times already. You are so unique and I love ya so much!

Love always, 


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Letters To Ours Sons | July 2013

Dear Devin, 

It's so hard trying to find a way to start these letters, to express to you everything that I want you to know. There are just so many things I want to tell you! 

Last month you completed junior high - I was able to attend the end of the year awards ceremony at Arbor Hills and watch you accept your awards. I walked into the gym and could hear the school band playing and instantly the tears came - it is just going so fast. You are growing up so fast and I always find myself asking where did the time go? So when I walked into that gym and heard that band playing I began thinking of you as the little boy that I'm sure no matter how old you get I will always remember you as.


I am so proud of you working this job - being able to work alongside an electrician who is willing to take the time for you to learn is truly a gift, one that you may not realize now but you will. Getting up at 7:30am during your summer is truly amazing, I am so happy for you that you are doing this. I love to hear your stories when you come home, how you use a some of the lingo the other electricians use to describe what you were doing. I love to hear how you wired an entire basement and an attic, how you told me even though it took you 5 hours that it went by fast because you were able to listen to your music while doing it. And being paid at the end of the week, now isn't that a truly wonderful feeling? What you are learning at this job is something you can take with you the rest of your life, a skill that can be used always.


And that guitar! Truly amazing! You have a talent and I am so happy that we continued to push you through those lessons. Though some of the music you play is really loud and sometimes not my style, I still love to hear you play. I love to hear your guitar coming from your bedroom, and how you continually push yourself to learn even more. I knew you would love music, even when I was pregnant with you and your dad would play music loud I could feel you move and kick even more. It was inevitable, your love for music. Do you think you could just learn one Bon Jovi song to play for me? Even though you said that's girl music (I'm sure your dad told you that!), but just maybe one? 


Starting high school next month, I think I am more nervous than you are about this. I know you will do great but I still worry. High school can be such a crazy time, so many changes that happen. I know that I can be annoying about the whole preaching to you thing but I just want to give advice sometimes on things I have learned, in hopes that maybe you can take something away from it. I know that I've said this so many times but I only want you to be happy.  I want you to understand that not only do you need to give respect but you need to have respect for yourself. If you ever feel that something is not right than it probably isn't. Listen to your heart Dev, and trust in what you feel is right. I want you to have good memories of these next 4 years because they will go by so fast, get involved and trust in the fact that you are an amazing, handsome, funny, caring and loving boy. You have so much to offer and never let anyone make you feel that you don't. I love you so much, you will always be my little boy no matter how tall you get, no matter that you are already wearing a mans size 10 shoe, no matter how deep your voice gets (people are already mistaking you for your dad when you call on the phone), no matter anything, you will always remain that little boy to me.

Love, Mom

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Letters To Our Sons | June 2013

Dear Dilly, 

Summer break!! It's finally here!! You did so awesome in school this last quarter - I am so very proud of you! All of your grades came up (some even by 2 letter grades!) and you did wonderful working on the yearbook committee - what a way to leave the 5th grade and now on to junior high!  


It seems I have become so nostalgic lately - I think that maybe you going in to the 6th grade and your brother going in to high school has left me feeling just a bit sad. I was working out in the yard today and every time I always come across these little trucks that you used to play with - I always just leave them there. I can never bring myself to pick these up and get rid of them - I guess for me I am just not ready. I know there is nothing I can do about the passing of time but for me, leaving those little trucks there is my way of remembering those days when you would follow me out to the yard (arms filled with all those trucks!) to play while I planted flowers. You loved to use your Tonka truck to dig the holes for the flowers. You have always been such a joy for me to watch - so easy going and laid back, just content to be with me and your dad.


You are still one of the most laid back and easy going boys I have ever known. And I love your sense of humor (I think I have told you this a million times!). Your wittiness always amazes me and the way you allow things to roll right off your back. You came home from school one day (just a few days before summer break) and had your hoodie tied around the front of yourself. You told me that during recess you were playing basketball with some friends and when you bent down to make a basket your pants split right down the front. You just laughed, told me that your teacher could not stop laughing and helped you try and hide it. You told me that maybe you felt embarrassed for 2 seconds but you actually thought how funny it was too. You are a character and now that you are starting to pick up on my sarcasm, you are beginning to give it back to me, always laughing when I am with you!


I love ya Dilly Willy! I wish you nothing but the best for junior high. There may be some difficult times as you go through many changes but never doubt yourself, most times things will just fall into place and you will be onto something new. I know you will do great, you are an amazing and handsome young man (and no I am not just saying this because I am your mom!). I can not wait to see what you will do these next few years!  I love you more than you will ever know!!

Love always, Mom

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Letters To Our Sons | May 2013

Dear Devin, 

A few short weeks and junior high will be a thing of the past. These past 3 years I have watched you grow, learn, succeed, and yes - sometimes fail. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride with you. Your emotions sometimes getting the best of you as you try and find where you fit in. All kinds of changes seemed to happen at once and my heart would break as I watched you struggle a few times trying to push your way through it. And each time you would come out a little bit wiser, a little more confident, and a little bit more of the man I know you will someday be.


Onto high school next year - I can hardly believe this myself. If I can give you any advice on this next chapter it would be this - live every second of it, give it all that you got! Make wonderful memories with your friends (no craziness please!) because these will be the times you will look back on as you grow older as hopefully some of the best times of your life. Please always stay true to yourself and listen to your heart - your heart rarely lies.


You are my first born and because of this you will always have this special place in my heart. You are growing up so fast and as your mom I hold these memories of you throughout the years very close to me. Memories such as walking you to school while I pushed Dylan in his stroller, of you singing the Bob The Builder song everytime you saw a dump truck, of you pouring an entire bottle of bleach into the dryer full of clothes because you wanted to help, of you bringing a jar full of tadpoles home and watching them grow with you - just so many memories I will always treasure since I have had you.


I say this in every letter but I love ya Bud! I love you more than you can possibly ever know. No matter what life brings or where you go, I will always be here for you. Mom is starting to get a little sentimental and emotional now so I will end this letter - just always know how much you are loved!

Love, Mom

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Letters To Our Sons | April 2013

Dear Dylan,

You and that skateboard - I thought that maybe it was going to be a phase that most little boys go through but you have really taken to it! I love hearing you call me from outside so you can show me a new trick you learned. And I do have to say that I am very impressed - you are doing awesome. I think that maybe you even made your big brother a little jealous - all of a sudden he goes everywhere on his skateboard, trying to do as good as you are. I think this might be a brother thing, the whole competition of who's better. But I'll let you in on a secret - you're better! Just don't tell Devin I said that!


Last month you turned the big 11 - I say this in all the letters I have written so far so I will just say it again - I am amazed at how fast time goes. It really is unbelievable to me that in just a few years you will be a teenager. We moved into our house when you were just starting kindergarten - and now you will be off to junior high. I was thinking the other day about how you do not even grab my hand anymore when crossing the parking lot at the store - as I always do I reach out my hand to hold yours, to keep you safe, but now you shy away, showing me your independence that you can cross safely by yourself. I would be lying if I said that I didn't secretly wish for that little boy who would eagerly reach out his hand for mine, excited to be going to the store with mom. It is these little things that I miss - just always remember that no matter how old you get I will continue reaching my hand out to you whether you feel you need it or not. 


I love you so much Dylan - I love how laid back you are, how loving you are, the compassion that you show for others, I love hearing your laugh, I love how you still even laugh at my jokes - you are unique in all that you do. There is absolutely no one else like you. I have loved nothing more then being able to watch you grow, discovering yourself. I love ya Dilly Willy!

Love, Mom

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Letters to Ours Sons | March 2013

Dear Devin,

The past few weeks have been anything but uneventful. Just when I feel like maybe there is a calm, something happens that stirs it up again. I do not know why this continues to surprise me, but it does. I wish there was a way I could better prepare  myself for your crazy shenanigans, maybe this way I would know better how to react. But you know me, I can sometimes be a little over the top. 


You have always been fearless. This at times has made me so proud and other times has scared me. If only you would just think for a minute before you do something or say something (I sound like my mom now!). I try to put it perspective by remembering how I was at your age - stubborn, bullheaded, that I knew pretty much everything there was to know - and hope that this will give me a better understanding of what you might be going through. As your mom I just want you to be safe and I want you to be happy and I want you to never forget how much I love you.

You have a very loving heart and I know how sensitive you can be. I remember our neighbor coming to tell me how you stuck up for her son on the bus - her son is autistic and some of the kids were taking his hat and throwing it around, not giving it back to him. She told me how you grabbed that hat back and gave it to her son, not letting anyone else take it from him again. I see how you are with Natalie, how loving and patient you are with her, how she lights up when she sees you. I know how you are with me, how you try to be respectful and how upset you might get if you think you have said or done something that may have hurt me. You have a compassion for others that has always shown through, a truly loving way about you and this has always been a part of you and I see more and more of it as you have grown older.


So even with the ups and downs we have had over the past few weeks, there is not anything I would change about you. I need to let you make your mistakes and hope that you will learn from them and grow from them. As much as I would love to shield you and be there always to tell you what to do, I know that it is just not possible. I need to learn to step back and hope that I have given you the tools to know what is right.


I love ya Dev, you are my life! There is nothing that I would not do for you (well, I am totally not buying you the new PS4), but I hope you know what I mean. I am here for you whenever you should ever need me no matter how old you are. I love you with all my heart!

Love, Mom

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Letters to Our Sons | February 2013

This year I am participating in a blog/circle group with a few other awesome moms and wonderful photographers. Each month we will post a new Letter To Our Son.  At the end of each letter will be a link to another letter written by a mom to her son. I am so excited to be a part of this and be able to do this for my boys!

Dear Dylan,

A few more weeks and you will be 11 - this is so hard for me to believe! You're my baby and you haven't been a baby for a very long time! Time goes so fast and it seems that lately it goes even faster.

Next year you are going to be a big junior high guy! I am so proud of you - you are going to do great, I have no doubt about this. Just always remember how much you are loved - I could never love anyone more than I love you. 


You have this ability to always make me laugh - half the time I do not even think you mean to. You have a wittiness about you, you are always thinking. I never know what will come out of your mouth next and sometimes this is a little scary but most times just hilarious. This is what I find to be so uniquely you. Never ever a dull moment!

No matter how old you get, you will always be my little guy - the little boy who never wanted me out of his sight for the first 4 years of your life - the little boy who tried to hide his tears when I left him for his first day of the 1st grade - the little boy who even now will still come up to me wanting a hug and to tell me he loves me. I love ya so much Dilly Willy, more then you can ever possibly know.

Love always, Mom

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