Letters To Our Sons | May 2013

Dear Devin, 

A few short weeks and junior high will be a thing of the past. These past 3 years I have watched you grow, learn, succeed, and yes - sometimes fail. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride with you. Your emotions sometimes getting the best of you as you try and find where you fit in. All kinds of changes seemed to happen at once and my heart would break as I watched you struggle a few times trying to push your way through it. And each time you would come out a little bit wiser, a little more confident, and a little bit more of the man I know you will someday be.


Onto high school next year - I can hardly believe this myself. If I can give you any advice on this next chapter it would be this - live every second of it, give it all that you got! Make wonderful memories with your friends (no craziness please!) because these will be the times you will look back on as you grow older as hopefully some of the best times of your life. Please always stay true to yourself and listen to your heart - your heart rarely lies.


You are my first born and because of this you will always have this special place in my heart. You are growing up so fast and as your mom I hold these memories of you throughout the years very close to me. Memories such as walking you to school while I pushed Dylan in his stroller, of you singing the Bob The Builder song everytime you saw a dump truck, of you pouring an entire bottle of bleach into the dryer full of clothes because you wanted to help, of you bringing a jar full of tadpoles home and watching them grow with you - just so many memories I will always treasure since I have had you.


I say this in every letter but I love ya Bud! I love you more than you can possibly ever know. No matter what life brings or where you go, I will always be here for you. Mom is starting to get a little sentimental and emotional now so I will end this letter - just always know how much you are loved!

Love, Mom

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