Letters To Our Sons | June 2013

Dear Dilly, 

Summer break!! It's finally here!! You did so awesome in school this last quarter - I am so very proud of you! All of your grades came up (some even by 2 letter grades!) and you did wonderful working on the yearbook committee - what a way to leave the 5th grade and now on to junior high!  


It seems I have become so nostalgic lately - I think that maybe you going in to the 6th grade and your brother going in to high school has left me feeling just a bit sad. I was working out in the yard today and every time I always come across these little trucks that you used to play with - I always just leave them there. I can never bring myself to pick these up and get rid of them - I guess for me I am just not ready. I know there is nothing I can do about the passing of time but for me, leaving those little trucks there is my way of remembering those days when you would follow me out to the yard (arms filled with all those trucks!) to play while I planted flowers. You loved to use your Tonka truck to dig the holes for the flowers. You have always been such a joy for me to watch - so easy going and laid back, just content to be with me and your dad.


You are still one of the most laid back and easy going boys I have ever known. And I love your sense of humor (I think I have told you this a million times!). Your wittiness always amazes me and the way you allow things to roll right off your back. You came home from school one day (just a few days before summer break) and had your hoodie tied around the front of yourself. You told me that during recess you were playing basketball with some friends and when you bent down to make a basket your pants split right down the front. You just laughed, told me that your teacher could not stop laughing and helped you try and hide it. You told me that maybe you felt embarrassed for 2 seconds but you actually thought how funny it was too. You are a character and now that you are starting to pick up on my sarcasm, you are beginning to give it back to me, always laughing when I am with you!


I love ya Dilly Willy! I wish you nothing but the best for junior high. There may be some difficult times as you go through many changes but never doubt yourself, most times things will just fall into place and you will be onto something new. I know you will do great, you are an amazing and handsome young man (and no I am not just saying this because I am your mom!). I can not wait to see what you will do these next few years!  I love you more than you will ever know!!

Love always, Mom

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