Letters To Ours Sons | July 2013

Dear Devin, 

It's so hard trying to find a way to start these letters, to express to you everything that I want you to know. There are just so many things I want to tell you! 

Last month you completed junior high - I was able to attend the end of the year awards ceremony at Arbor Hills and watch you accept your awards. I walked into the gym and could hear the school band playing and instantly the tears came - it is just going so fast. You are growing up so fast and I always find myself asking where did the time go? So when I walked into that gym and heard that band playing I began thinking of you as the little boy that I'm sure no matter how old you get I will always remember you as.


I am so proud of you working this job - being able to work alongside an electrician who is willing to take the time for you to learn is truly a gift, one that you may not realize now but you will. Getting up at 7:30am during your summer is truly amazing, I am so happy for you that you are doing this. I love to hear your stories when you come home, how you use a some of the lingo the other electricians use to describe what you were doing. I love to hear how you wired an entire basement and an attic, how you told me even though it took you 5 hours that it went by fast because you were able to listen to your music while doing it. And being paid at the end of the week, now isn't that a truly wonderful feeling? What you are learning at this job is something you can take with you the rest of your life, a skill that can be used always.


And that guitar! Truly amazing! You have a talent and I am so happy that we continued to push you through those lessons. Though some of the music you play is really loud and sometimes not my style, I still love to hear you play. I love to hear your guitar coming from your bedroom, and how you continually push yourself to learn even more. I knew you would love music, even when I was pregnant with you and your dad would play music loud I could feel you move and kick even more. It was inevitable, your love for music. Do you think you could just learn one Bon Jovi song to play for me? Even though you said that's girl music (I'm sure your dad told you that!), but just maybe one? 


Starting high school next month, I think I am more nervous than you are about this. I know you will do great but I still worry. High school can be such a crazy time, so many changes that happen. I know that I can be annoying about the whole preaching to you thing but I just want to give advice sometimes on things I have learned, in hopes that maybe you can take something away from it. I know that I've said this so many times but I only want you to be happy.  I want you to understand that not only do you need to give respect but you need to have respect for yourself. If you ever feel that something is not right than it probably isn't. Listen to your heart Dev, and trust in what you feel is right. I want you to have good memories of these next 4 years because they will go by so fast, get involved and trust in the fact that you are an amazing, handsome, funny, caring and loving boy. You have so much to offer and never let anyone make you feel that you don't. I love you so much, you will always be my little boy no matter how tall you get, no matter that you are already wearing a mans size 10 shoe, no matter how deep your voice gets (people are already mistaking you for your dad when you call on the phone), no matter anything, you will always remain that little boy to me.

Love, Mom

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