Letters To Our Sons | August 2013

Dear Dilly, 

Summer is over and it's back to school time - bummer! We did not get to do too much between me having to work and dad having to take those classes for his job but I enjoyed every second of spending time with you. Cedar Point, going to the movies and just hanging out - I love being with you! 

You were so worried about your first day of junior high - you were nervous about being able to open your locker, of knowing where you were supposed to go - and you ended up doing so awesome! Well except for the second day on the bus when you thought it was a good idea to hold a pen so the other boy could karate chop it and it exploded all over the back of the bus. That was not one of your best ideas. But what's done is done and if anything I hope that you have learned that karate chopping pens leads to chaos.


I know that you are going to do so wonderful these next few years. I understand and hope that you do too that there will be some ups and downs along the way but always be reassured that dad and I are always here for you no matter what, that you can always come to us with anything. There may be a little bit of a freak out initially (you've seen dad and I do this with Devin) but in the end it always works out and we get through. 


I love you more than you can know. I look forward to watching you go through these next three years, of watching you grow more confident and more assured of who you are. I already know that whatever you set your mind to you will succeed, you have showed me this numerous times already. You are so unique and I love ya so much!

Love always, 


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